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Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan is a world-famous nutritionist and dietician extraordinaire. He has over 30 years of experience and specializes in eating habits. He has met with much success; publishing 19 books which have sold more than 2 million copies. However, his rise to fame can be credited to one particular book – “I’m not losing weight” detailing his “Dukan Diet”. Some claim it to be more effective than many other famous diet plans, including the likes of Atkins.  He also received recognition for publishing a Dictionary with definitions of nutrition and dietetics and “The book of my weight” which is the first of its kind and offers personalized help and guidance.

It should be noted that Pierre Dukan had originally set out for neurology and also focused in the treatment of children with symptoms of paraplegia. The first time Pierre devised a diet plan was upon the request of a distressed patient for asthma who needed to lose weight.  He reluctantly gave his patient instructions to follow who returned slimmer in less than a week. This almost immediately piqued Pierre Dukan’s interest in the field of diet plans. Dukan has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of nutrition. His Dukan Plan was founded in the course of dealing with clients and considerable research. This combination ultimately resulted in the “Je ne sais pas maigrirn in English “I don’t know how to get slimmer” detailing an inventive lifestyle regime to shed weight at a rapid rate while maintaining a healthy body

The French doctor’s Dukan Diet went on to become a best-seller and has gained much popularity in both France and UK. In fact, its effectiveness has been verified by none other than Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who followed the diet prior to wedding Prince William. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Penélope Cruz have also followed his diet. Also, the Dukan Diet is available in more than 20 countries in over 8 languages.

At present, Dukan is developing a superior level of personalization, giving a new dimension to his method – monitoring on a daily basis on his website. It is software that uses measurements to depict an image of an individual’s physique and then monitors and illustrates the precise changes in your figure. Additionally, he is working on a mobile app that essentially acts like a website. That is, it uses your details to estimate actual weight and allows you to report various factors of your day, such as your weight, amount of work out as well as your feelings to detect changes in your weight.

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