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10 Best Graphic Novels Of All Time

Best Graphic Novels

A comic is computerized designs included with text, speech bubble or quotations to express an opinion. As a result, a graphic novel is a book made up of comic’s content. The content can express different views, love, hate, war and politics. This style of writing and illustration enjoys the freedom of speech but may at times be offensive to some people. On the other hand, a lot of graphic novels target the young children because simple novels can be undemonstrative, boring and can get bland and the child is easily distracted. Therefore to attract attention and to keep you fully entertained the graphic novels use the technology of graphic design to keep the reader hooked on at all times. This genre emerged during the 1970s and it wasn’t until the 80s that public became familiar to it and started gaining fame like some of the legendary graphic novels for example, The Dark Knight by Frank Miller, a must read for all ages. Nonetheless, it wasn’t actually until 2001 that bookstores actually started stocking graphic novel as a separate category. Here are some of the best graphic novels of all time.

1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
As I have mentioned above, Frank miller, the legend of the genre of graphic novels, wrote this comic in 1997 and it became a universal hit and still is. This novel is about the most loved super hero batman, who is a vigilante and silent protector of Gotham. The dark knight comes out of his ten years of retirement and faces his two greatest enemies, the joker and two-face.(Buy)

2. Alice in Sunderland
This is based on the Alice from the original Alice and wonderland and the character has taken a twist in a different range and various stories revolve around it. The main characters Alice and Lewis Caroll explore the city of Sunderland which is inspired by some of Lewis’s masterpieces.(Buy)

3. Watchmen
The novel is set in the 1980s where they’ve shown the United States at war with the Soviet Union. It is up to this team of super-heros to avert a global apocalypse. The novel introduces outstanding characters with their astonishing outfits and vibrant colors. The art-work is designed brilliantly for the reader to not be able to take their eyes off the page. The comic-artist that inspired this graphic novel was Alan Moore in collaboration with Dave Gibbons.(Buy)

4. From Hell
Another one of Alan Moore’s greatest hit, one after the other, this was one of Moore’s bestselling work. The story revolves around Jack Ripper the notorious serial killer of his time. It is one of the most terrifying and grotesque crime fictions in the history of all time. Therefore if you are into the mystery genre with an overlap of comic and graphic novels this book fits perfectly into your category.(Buy)

5. Ghost world
A dark humorous graphic novel that talks about the adventures of two typical teenage girls who aimlessly explore towns and pass their time gossiping and fantasizing about some odd men they see in local restaurants.(Buy)

6. V for Vendetta
V for vendetta has been made into a movie which is dramatically displayed and excellently executed. The story is set in an imaginative future England where the city has given itself up to fascism which results in the loss of freedom. It is an account of rebellion, oppression and resistance.(Buy)

7. 100 bullets by Brian Azarello
An American graphic novel published by DC comics under Vertigo imprint. The concept of 100 bullets is based on not just a 100 bullets but 100 questions, decisions and conclusions. It is a story of vengeance, murder cases that have somehow been validated. The story involves a mysterious agent, Agent Graves, who approaches an innocent man who has become a victim of a misunderstanding and something terribly wrong. He is given the chance to take revenge with no account of his criminal act and give a hundred bullets. It is up to him to decide what should be the right thing to do. In fact it targets all on mankind and what their instincts would be if given a situation and opportunity to act on the desire of violent revenge.(Buy)

8. Day tripper by Fabio Moon
This story is about a child prodigy, the young Bras de Olivia Domingos, a famous Brazilian writer’s child who is inspired to one day become a world famous author himself. This novel is about life, the unpredictability and uncertainty of life that probably everyone can relate to. Each day is like a blank page and he is the author of an unwritten book which he seems to have to control over. It is a magical, mysterious and adventure graphic novel beautifully written by Fabio Moon.(Buy)

9. The league of extraordinary gentlemen by Alan Moore
Alan Moore has come up in the context time and time again as he happens to be of the most notable authors in this genre of books. He has come up on the top of many lists of best graphic novels. The league of extraordinary gentlemen is yet another masterpiece written by Moore. The set up is around the end of the nineteenth century, the downfall of the Victorian era and the entire set up in a total chaos. Therefore different important figures work together amidst this chaos to face together any threats towards Britain.(Buy)

10. Black Hole by Charles Burns
This novel is set in mid-1970 where a plague has become endemic in an area that is manifested in horrifying different ways. The atmosphere turns ominous as the plague gradually takes over and the infected start showing sinister characteristics which seem to have no cure. The kids who are caught in seem to be stuck because there is no turning back. A series of appalling and alarming events take place that you would’ve never read before. This graphic novel is classified as one of the best horror reads written by Charles Burns.(Buy

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