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10 Famous Canadian Authors You Must Read

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Canada is the country most well known for its hospitality, diversity, sports and of course, its maple syrup! Along with all these most valuable contributions Canada has provided the world with some outstanding authors that you must read. Below is a list of the famous Canadian authors which will make you appreciate Canadian literature a little bit better.

1. Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood
Atwood is one of the most popular writer not only in Canada but is known for her work globally. She has been awarded the Booker prize, Scotia bank Giller Prize, Arthur C. Clarke Award and Princess of Asturias Award for literature. Her novel The Handmaid’s Tale won her the Arthur C. Clarke Award, 2985 Governor General’s Award and was chosen the finalist for Booker prize. Amongst the many novels written by her these are the few of the ‘must reads’; The Robber Bride, Alias Grace, The blind Assassin, Oryx and Clarke, and last but not the least The year of the flood.

2. Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery
One of her most brilliantly written and appreciated work is Anne of Green Gables. Most of her Anne series were set in the Prince Edward Island of Canada. The books have been made into various films and  animated television series.

3. Douglas Coupland
Douglas Coupland
Known for his command over the fiction novels particularly the mystery genre. He is famous for his international bestselling book Generation X: Tales for an accelerated culture. His other work includes Girlfriend in a coma, Miss Wyoming, All families are psychotic and Eleanor Rigby.

4. Robertson Davies
Robertson Davies
Davies wrote 30 books in total throughout his lifetime. His best book ‘What’s bred in the nine’ was shortlisted for the Booker prize. His books were filled with oddball characters, witty and whimsical. His famous quote says it all: ‘All mothers think their children are oaks, but the world never lacks for cabbages’. Robertson Davies was definitely one of the oaks.

5. Joseph Boyden
Joseph Boyden
He wrote many inspiring books many of which we may even classify as classics. The talented author became interested in the field of literature since a very young age. Boyden’s novel ‘The Orenda’ won the 2013 edition of Canada reads. Three day roads won the 2006 Amazon.ca First Novel Award; it also was defended by filmmaker Nelofer Pazira in Canada Reads. His second novel ‘Through black spruce’ also won the Scotiabank Giller prize award.

6. Yann Martel
Yann Martel
The author of Life of Pi, which was made into a Hollywood movie, was a flamboyant success all over the world. This book also won the Man Booker Prize and was an international bestseller published in more than 50 territories. The book portrays the relationship between an Indian boy and a tiger as they are stuck together on a shipwreck and the journey they make, the outcome of their odd affair is rather unusual and it is up to the readers whether to believe the facts or let their imagination take them into the world of Pi.

7. Heather O’Neill
Heather O'Neill
Born in Montreal, O’Neil’s talent is known at international level and her name is widely popular among the literatis universally. Her debut novel Lullabies for little criminals was selected for 2007 Canada reads. The book won the competition and not only that but also won the Hugh MacLennan prize for fiction. It went on to become an international bestseller.

8. Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore
Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Moore’s first two books, Degrees of Nakedness (1995) and Open (2002), were short story collections. Open was a commercial and critical breakthrough, earning a nomination for the Giller Prize. Her very first novel Alligator was also nominated for the Giller Prize. She was also nominated for 2010 Booker Prize for her novel February.

9. Miriam Toews
Miriam Toews
Born 1964 in Steinbach, Toews is famous for her two novels ‘A complicated kindness’ and ‘All my puny sorrows’. Her novel ‘All my puny sorrows’ is inspired by true life events leading up to the 2010 suicide of her elder sister, a touching a sorrowful novel that surely is a must read. She has won a series of awards for her work including the Governor General’s Award for Fiction and the Writers’ Trust Engel/Findley Award.

10. Margaret Laurence
Margaret Laurence
Born in Neepawa, she was the founder of Writers trust of Canada which encourages Canada’s writing community. She was Canada’s most esteemed and beloved author. Best known for her book, The Stone Angel, it was made into a featured film directed by Kari Skogland and starring Ellen Burstyn was released in 2017.

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