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Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts

Eleanor Marie Robertson, better known as Nora Roberts is one of the most famous American novelists in romantic genera. She was born on October 10th, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Born to Irish descendent parents, she describes herself as “an Irish woman through and through”. Since her childhood Nora remembers herself being fond of reading. Her family always had passion for reading; this developed a never ending bond between Nora and writing which she delightfully embraced. So far she has written 209 novels with over 400 million copies in print worldwide.

In 1968 Nora married her first husband Ronald Aufdem Brinke soon after her graduation from high school. After marriage she spent most of her time with her sons at home doing crafts. She refers to that period of her life as Earth Mother years.

Nora states that opting writing as a career demands discipline in life: “You’re going to be unemployed if you really think you just have to sit around and wait for the muse to land on your shoulder.” She credits the nuns of her Catholic school with her sense of discipline. Though fond of books since early age; Nora did not write as a child, however she remembers to always had made up stories in her head. She had her first try with writing in 1979 during blizzard in February. She recalls that being housebound with three feet of snow every where she had nothing else to do. She fell in love with writing as soon as she wrote down her ideas for the first time and ended up producing six manuscripts right away. She tried her luck with Harlequin a Canadian based leading publisher of romantic novels, but faced rejections for the first couple of tries. Harlequin wrote back to her saying they already had their American writer referring towards Janet Dailey.

By the time Nora got her first novel, Irish Thoroughbred, published in 1981 she had several rejections and three years of experience behind her. During 1982 to 1984, Nora wrote 23 novels. Despite a large number of novels produced by her, Nora did not get real recognition till 1985 when “Playing the Odds” the first novel of her best selling romantic series surfaced in the market. The book was an instant success and with it Nora achieved a great recognition among the romance readers. Nora played a key role in making a shift of romantic novels from typical eighteen-year-old heroines and superficial male portrayals to more realistic approach. Her years of experience in romantic genre helped her build an ability to create more realistic characters.

In 1999 and 2000 Nora was the author of four of the five best selling romantic novels listed by USA Today. She had her 68 novels listed as best sellers by New York Times during the period of 1991 to 2001. Her work was also converted to films namely two novels ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Magic Moments’. She was also a victim of plagiarism by the romantic writer Janet Dailey who she sued and she also admitted her crime.

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