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Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was an American author who is widely credited to have influenced more people into success than any one in history. He was born on 26th October 1883 in Wise country, Virginia. Considered to be the father of personal success genre of literature, his work revolved around the role of personal belief in the success of an individual. He is also recognized for Think and Grow rich which is regarded as one of the bestselling books of all time. This book has helped millions of people in achieving their goals and has been an important part of many success stories.

Following the demise of his mother as early as ten years of age and second marriage of his father, Hills became a very rebellious kid. By the time Hill turned 15, he was working for many small town newspapers as mountain reporter in Wise Country, Virginia. He later used his earnings from newspaper to finance his education as law student, a plan he had to drop due to financial constraints. As a writer Hill went on to achieve the status of America’s most beloved motivational author. He is known to have dedicated twenty five years of his life in defining the reasons of people’s failure in achieving financial success and happiness in life.

In 1908 Hill had his major breakthrough; he was assigned to write a series of articles about the famous and successful men of the time. As part of his assignment, Hill met Andrew Carnegie, one of the most powerful men of his time. During his interview with Hill, Carnegie stated his belief that the process of one’s success can be summed into a single formula easy enough for everyone to understand. Impressed with Hill’s skills, Carnegie commissioned him to interview more than 500 milliners in order to gather enough information required to discover the formula.
The result of Hill’s study along with Carnegie’s assistance was The Philosophy of Achievement, a multi volume study course initially published in 1925 as The Law of Success and later re-released as home study courses, including the seventeen-volume “Mental Dynamite” series until 1941.

Throughout his writings, Hill emphasized on freedom, democracy, capitalism, and harmony to be the foundations of success. He later credited his Philosophy of Achievement to have played key role in the success America enjoyed for two centuries. Hill believed that negative emotions such as fear and selfishness are the reasons behind the failure of unsuccessful people.

One of the most inspirational stories of Hill is about his own son Blair, whom Hill credited to be an inspiration for him. His son was born without any normal hearing organ and doctors believed that he will not be able to either hear or speak throughout his life. However, Blair grew up to be able to speak and hear almost normally because of his firm believe and faith.

Hills books have sold millions of copies throughout the world. His philosophy is still sought after by many today. Hill died in November 1970, leaving behind his legacy to assist, motivate and reshape the lives of generations to come.

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